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Kumsa sings "Burn It Down" next to the Lava

A video Kumsa shared of herself singing her song "Burn it Down" in serenade to Pele, Hawaii's volcano goddess, while sitting near the lava touched the hearts of many people:

"Today after evacuating another big amount of stuff from our home on papaya farms road we went to see pele where she has crossed railroad and is making her way down the slope. I couldn’t help but to sing a song I wrote about two weeks ago called “Burn It Down” about this 2018 puna lava flow that will change the Puna we know forever... Sure is hard to let go of some of the most amazingly beautiful places I know and have grown up in, all the nature ocean and magic this island has to offer! Pele is burning way for new and in the most incredible and surreal way. 🌋🌏❤️#gowiththeflow #punalavaflow2018 #music #lava #fire #bigisland"

Journalist Johanna Li followed up to